Air Cushion

Air Cushion Machine

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The air cushioning protection is used in various industries such as e-commerce, retail, electronics and logistics.

The air pillow machine is used to produce air pillows or air cushions filled with 95% air rate to protect transported items. The air cushion filling machine is easy to use and flexible to choose air cushions of different sizes film or bubble film, etc., and then used to achieve the functions of packaging and transportation protection, cushioning, and shock absorption.

The speed of the air pillow machine can reach 20-23M/min, which is suitable for both industries and e-commerce with a large amount of packages a day, and can produce the required packaging materials efficiently on demand. 

The extended film roll rod, which can be used for longer-sized air cushion films, and can also be connected to external smart devices to maximize production and efficiency.

The air pillow produced by the air cushion machine is providing excellent transportation protection and effectively fill the empty space inside the carton, and can be used to wrap a single product or multiple products.


  • A variety of options, air cushion film/bubble film/air pillow film, etc.
  • Intelligent innovation, multiple modes and functions are optional
  • Flexible packaging with adjustable air, speed or temperature
  • Weighs only 10.5kg, compact and does not take up space
  • Achieve multi-functional use across industries