Labeling Machine

Automatic Double Sides Labeling Machine + Round Bottle Device

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When integrated with various packaging equipment, labeling machines play a vital role in completing the packaging process. 

Vulcantech offers kinds of labeling machine is designed to apply labels to a diverse array of containers, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, pails, buckets, and containers of various shapes and sizes. These labeling systems offer the flexibility to integrate into an existing production line or operate independently.

All Vulcantech labeling machines are constructed with durable stainless steel and aluminum parts, making them ideal for facilities that require long-lasting equipment under heavy use. You can use our machinery for any type of product and combine them with our bottle unscramblers, fillers, and cappers for a complete liquid packaging system.

If you need labeling machines for your production process, we can find a simple and suitable solution to meet your specific application.


This labeling machine is special-made for labeling square, flat or round bottle with two labels: front and back.
Can equip a round bottle unit, to label round bottle with 1 sticker.
To make the machine switch between round and square bottle labeling function. 


  • Power: 380V 50HZ  3-phase, 1.0KW
  • Direction: Right to left/ Left to right
  • Speed: 60-120 Bottles/min (According to bottle and label size)
  • Label core: standard 75mm
  • Label roll: Max 300mm
  • Bottle size:   Diameter: 20-150mm  Height 30-350mm
  • Label size:    Length 10-480mm    Width 20-200mm
  • Label accuracy: ±1mm
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Machine dimension: 2800(L)*1500(W)*1530(H)mm
  • Main structure is manufactured by SS304 stainless steel with anodized process and high quality aluminum complied with GMP standard


  1. Good quality and durable belt: Wear-resistant for long term operation.
  2. Precise Labeling: Top level fiber optic sensor and unique design of slide rail to labeling precisely on products.
  3. Easy maintenance.
  4. Top chain conveyor made by FRP chain material and wear-resistant UPE guide rail.
  5. System is designed to be the product appearance protected and efficient performance. 
  6. Easy adjustment by different product size.
  7. Operator friendly design.
  8. Round bottle device, machine can label both round bottle and square bottle.

Control System

  • Program by PLC
  • HMI Touch Screen
  • Emergency Stop Button