Mobile Platform Cart

Mobile Platform Cart


The motorized transfer cart is powered by lithium. The transfer cart assist to carry heavy loads between workshops in the factory. the advantages of the transfer cart including: simple structure, easy to use and maintain, large carrying capacity, low noise, environmental friendly, and good safety features.

Been widely used as the transportation in the workshop or across the workshops cooperated with the crane to move heavy loads in the machinery manufacturing, warehouse and metallurgy plant, for example, raw materials, metal casting and forging, weldment, machine processing pieces and finish product transportation. It can be used in the working environment without power source or long distance transportation.

The transfer cart adopt double steerable wheel servo motor driven, four swivel wheel to achieve four way direction movement. The transfer cart with PLC control, can adjust the angel including 0°,45°,90°,360° any angel any direction movement, specially suitable for narrow space.

The transfer cart frame adopts the box beam structure according to crane principle. It is convenient to examine and repair, and is easy to remove and install. Besides, large load capacity, little table deformation, and long service life are the advantages of the transfer cart. It also can effectively ensure the smooth of the platform. The production and manufacture of the transfer cart meet the JB/T 6127 technology standard of motorized transfer cart.


  • Loading capacity: 5ton (5000kg)
  • Table size: 3.5*2*0.5m
  • Wheel Diameter: 300mm
  • Wheel Material: 
    • Inside ZG55 cast steel
    • Outside polyurethane wheel
  • Lithium battery:
    • 180AH, DC48V (free maintenance battery) 
    • 3 hours continuously working per full battery charge or 3.5km distance per full charge (can be discussed before produced)
  • Motor power: 2*1.5Kw
  • Wheel quantity: 4pcs
  • Operation Method: Hand Pendant + Remote Control
  • Running speed: 0-20m/min
  • Lifting hole each side 2 holes, total 4 holes, easy to load and unload the machine.
  • Run on concrete, no need to lay the rails
  • Trackless type with 360 angle of rotation, can go forward, backward, turn left, turn right.
  • Colour: Yellow or customized
  • H.S. CODE: 84261200
  • Cart weight: 1.5ton